Bogie/Chassis 2020-2021

Alex Kraus

Alex Kraus, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberAlex Kraus is a mechanical engineering senior at San José State with an emphasis in mechatronics. His work focuses on integrating software with novel mechanical designs. He is working on the bogie electrical integration team, focusing on integrating circuits and software into mechanical design.

Andrew Alkakos

Andrew Alkakos, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberAndrew Alkakos is currently a Mechanical Engineering student in his fourth year of his Bachelor's Degree. He has a large interest in using computer software for thermal design and mechanical design. He has also received academic awards such as Dean's Scholar and President's Scholar throughout his undergraduate studies from the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering. Currently, Andrew serves as the President of the Mechanical Engineering Honor Society (Pi Tau Sigma) and as Social Coordinator for the Engineering Honor Society (Tau Beta Pi). He has team experience from previous internships as a test engineer in radiofrequency (RF) and cybersecurity. He felt he could better his skills using CAD and FEA throughout the Spartan Superway Project as he worked on the Bogie Chassis team. Andrew holds a large interest in revamping the public transportation system, as he is a frequent user of it. Some of his hobbies include playing basketball, working out, spending time with friends, and listening to music.

Devin Wong

Devin Wong, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberDevin Wong is a senior Mechanical Engineering student at San José State University with a focus in Mechatronics. He is a member of the Bogie Chassis team working on the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and object avoidance system. He joined Spartan Superway with hopes to apply knowledge of mechatronics and circuit design to aid electrical development for cleaner transportation.

Husain Bootwala

Husain Bootwala, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberHusain Bootwala is a Mechanical Engineering Senior at SJSU, interested in batteries and new renewable energy resources. He has worked on multiple projects including an electric race car, autonomous seed planting robot and Data analysis projects. Interested in sensors and automation projects to make an impact on robotics.

Jake Bondar

Jake Bondar, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberJake is one of the members of the 2020-2021 Spartan Superway senior design project. He is finishing up his major in mechanical engineering at San José State University. Jake has a strong interest in control systems and robotics. He is currently working on using LIDAR and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to determine the bogie's location on the test track. In addition he anticipates being able to use a combination of LIDAR and a OPENCV camera to detect obstacles on the track. Looking forward, he hopes to use these skills to persue a career in control systems and robotics.

Juan Carlos Nava

Juan Carlos Nava, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberJuan Carlos is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering with a capstone in Mechatronics. Through his internship at Curtiss Wright: Metal Improvement Co, he has gained exposure to concepts of design, material strengthening, and FEA. With the combination of experience and education, he feels that he can make a difference in the implementation of Spartan Superway.

Kristian Buenconsejo

Kristian Buenconsejo, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberKristian is a senior in the mechanical engineering program at San José State University. Pursuing a bachelor's of science in mechanical engineering, Kristian’s focus is on mechanical design and manufacturing. He is currently on the mechanical subteam within the Bogie and Chassis and aims to bring his design and hands-on machining experience to the table. Kristian enjoys organizing local community events as well as performing as a professional musician.

Max Marinovich

Max Marinovich, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberMax is a mechanical engineering student with a passion for sustainability. Originally from Santa Cruz, Max has always enjoyed the outdoors and understands the importance of engineering solutions to solve environmental problems. This is why he chose to be part of the Spartan Superway team. Prior to joining, Max has enjoyed working in groups to produce automated systems like a seed planting rover, watering system, and speed controller for a DC motor.

Michael Gee

Michael Gee, 2020-2021 Bogie/Chassis Team MemberMichael is a senior mechanical engineering student at San José State University with a focus on mechatronics. He transferred from Canada College to SJSU in 2019 as a junior. Michael has chosen to be a part of the Spartan Superway team and is part of the bogie-chassis team to develop a 1:20 scale of the full-scale superway. Outside of school, Michael enjoys working out, playing sports, and building mechanical keyboards.