Solar Power Design Team

The solar power team is comprised of four talented Mechanical Engineering students. Their different backgrounds and industry experience brings the perfect combination of talent required for the design of a state of the art solar power system for the Spartan Superway. This year, the Spartan Superway ATN solar power team starts off with a focus on efficiency and innovation. Solar systems for this type of project will require better planning, new technologies, optimism, and the willingness to try radical new designs. The future of the solar power system for the Spartan Superway ATN is one where the best of both worlds is combined, static and dynamic system designs! Another main objective of the solar power team is to provide and extensive foundation for the development of new solar power technologies and their integration into systems like the Spartan Superway. Our team passionately believes in the learning by doing philosophy, and their is no better way to go about this than to be passionate about prototyping and integrating that into everything regarding this project.

Concept Design 1

Concept Design 2