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Must fill out the Graduate Admissions and Evaluations form Change in Classification in Master's Program form [pdf] You must be a Classified Graduate Student in order to advance to Candidacy.

When filling out the Change in Classification form you must:

  • Meet the “conditions” set by the graduate student's Major Adviser at the time of admission.

  • For example, MS Physiology and MS Molecular and Microbiology must take the GRE and the subject GRE in order to be classified, since this is a requirement for admissions. You cannot be a “classified” graduate student in one of these major unless the GRE is completed (even though you are already admitted).

  • Have your Major Adviser sign your classification form.

  • Bring the signed form to the Graduate Coordinator, who will also sign-off and forward the form to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations office.

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