BA, Biological Sciences

Description of the Program

The BA Biological Sciences degree is designed for students with a desire to have a general background in biology but need a high degree of flexibility in courses taken within and outside of the biological sciences. Generally, students taking this program are not considering professional careers in biology but rather careers involving some aspect of biology. Students in the BA program can work with their advisers to develop programs that prepare them for K-12 teaching programs or as a pre-professional program for pharmacy, optometry and dental schools. The BA program is also an excellent choice for students wishing to use their training in a business setting with a biology emphasis (e.g. business component of biotechnology) or wish to enter a government field related to biology (e.g. Fish and Wildlife, Forestry, or USDA). The BA program is also appropriate for those students interested in careers such as science writing or science illustration or as a patent agent.

Course Requirements

Four Year Plan

This is a sample 4-year academic plan for our degree program. In practice, most students don't follow the roadmap to the letter, but use it as a guide. With the help of their advisors, students are expected to  create their own academic plan.