Biology Minor Advising

Interested in a minor in Biological Sciences?

Are you interested in applying to add a biology minor but would like to know more about the requirements? Students interesting in pursuing a minor in biological sciences should review the program requirements, approved minor courses and begin the application process. 

Program Requirements
Students interested in pursuing the biology Minor are required to complete 18 units of biology courses with a “C” (2.0) average or better, normally including BIOL 20, BIOL 21, and an additional 6 units of coursework (normally two additional classes) of upper division biology approved by the undergraduate biology minor advisor. See the Biology Minor program overview for official requirements.  

Steps to Apply to a Biology Minor

  • Students interested in applying to add a Biology Minor should review the requirements before requesting a science minor application.
  • Once students are ready to apply to add a biology minor they can request a College of Science Minor application, a link to the application and instructions outlining required documents and minor advisor information will be sent to the student's SJSU email address.
  • Students will be sent a College of Science Minor application to their SJSU email address. Requesting an application is not the application itself. Students will be notified once their application is complete. 

Note: You must complete the request for an application and the minor application with SJSU credentials.

All Minor Applications and supporting documents must be submitted by the deadline. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Minor Application Deadlines

Fall semester: October 1
Spring semester: March 1   

Your minor application will be processed 4-6 weeks after submission. 

If you have questions about the application submission process, please email: