BS, Biological Sciences, Concentration in Microbiology

Description of the Program

Students in the BS, Microbiology program prepare for positions in industries that use or detect microorganisms and for graduate studies in basic, applied or medical microbiology. The program includes specialized instruction in basic microbiology, immunology, medical microbiology, microbial physiology, bacterial genetics and bacterial diversity.  It is also designed to accommodate those who wish to pursue certification as Clinical Laboratory Scientists (medical technologists). Electives, such as hematology, and internships that meet state certification requirements are offered.

Course Requirements

A Minor in Chemistry is required for this degree.

Four Year Roadmap

This is a sample 4-year academic plan for our degree program. In practice, most students don't follow the roadmap to the letter, but use it as a guide. With the help of their advisors, students are expected to  create their own academic plan.