MS, Biological Sciences, Concentration in Physiology

Program Emphasis

The graduate program in Physiology offers students training in the pursuit of rigorous scientific investigation with an emphasis on the integrative nature of physiology across levels of organization from molecule to organism. During their research experience, students acquire the skills necessary to successfully address a variety of research questions under the guidance of faculty. 

In addition, students with our degree will have gained experience in critical thinking, problem solving, research methodology (e.g. experimental design, sampling techniques and analysis) and both written and oral communication. Our alumni are successful applicants for doctoral degree programs and generally attain high level positions in both academic and non-academic in both the private and public sectors.

Minimum requirements for admission into graduate level programs at San Jose State University are described in the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluation (GAPE) website. Additional application instructions and the process for obtaining an MS degree in the Biological Sciences are described in the Additional Requirements for Completion of the MS Degree Program on the website for the Department of Biological Sciences. 

Generally, the Plan A (thesis-based) program takes longer than the Plan B (non-thesis-based) program. The average time for the former is 6-7 semesters, but can be longer if students work at other jobs while pursuing their degree. The maximum time allowed for either degree program is seven years starting with the first course taken. The unit and course requirements can be found in the campus catalog (see below). 

For other details of the graduate program, contact the Department Graduate Coordinator.

Program Details