BS, Ecology and Evolution

Description of the Program

The Ecology and Evolution degree is designed to provide Biology majors with a diversified curriculum in conservation and wildlife management, entomology, zoology, and botany. Our students are provided with intensive, one-on-one attention from an outstanding faculty specializing in each emphasis. In addition, our students participate in several hands-on, field-oriented classes, which prepare them with practical experiences in the field. Destinations include Bodega Bay, Rancho Del Oso, Big Basin, the Santa Cruz Mountains, Año Nuevo, the Farallon Islands, the Diablo Range, the San Francisco Bay Area Wildlife Refuge, the Central Coast, and the Sierra Nevada.

Our faculty is committed to helping students achieve their career goals, and is well networked within the field. We assist students with internship and job placements via contacts at environmental consulting firms, like HT Harvey and Associates; government agencies, like the California Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Forest Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, National Parks; and biotechnology companies.

Course Requirements

4 Year Roadmap

Professional Organizations

Employment Opportunities