Spring Payment Due Dates

Payment due dates are dependent on when the housing and registration charges are posted to a student’s account and are not necessarily posted at the same time. IPP refers to the Installment Payment Plan.

Spring 2021: Spring Payment Due Dates

Registration Period Housing/Reg Charges Post to Acct Payment Due Date IPP Due Dates
Advance Registration
Oct 27—Jan 24
Oct 27 - Dec 5 Dec 10 Dec 10
Jan 9
Feb 9
Mar 12
Dec 6 - Jan 4 Jan 9 Jan 9
Feb 9
Mar 12
Jan 5 - Feb 4 Feb 9 Feb 9
Mar 12


  • For students who register after February 4, they will have three (3) days in which to pay from the date they register. If you wish to sign-up for a payment plan after February 4, you will have until February 9th to sign-up for the two month payment plan, due February 9 and March 12.
  • No registration activity January 25 through January 26.
  • Late registration January 27 - February 15. 

Note: Failure to pay all outstanding tuition and fees by the due date may result in all classes being dropped.

Note: We do not automatically drop classes after census. Students wishing to partially drop or withdraw from all classes must do so by following the university policies and procedures.