Fall Refunds and Pro-Rata Charges

Fall 2024

A 100% refund of basic and/or non-resident fees will be given to students who drop all their classes or withdraw from SJSU no later than August 18, 2024. Refundable fees include basic fall registration fees, non-California resident fees and course fees. 

Students who drop or withdraw on or after August 21, 2024 and who have not paid, will be subject to a pro-rata charge. Registration activity is closed from August 19 to 20 but will reopen on August 21. Students will owe a percentage of their fees corresponding to the day their classes were dropped. This will be deducted from the paid amount prior to a refund being sent. 

Students who drop units, (but remain enrolled), resulting in a lower fee structure and/or mandatory fee obligation during the designated drop period, August 21 through September 17, 2024, will be entitled to a refund of applicable tuition and mandatory fees. After this date, students who remain enrolled, but drop classes resulting in a lower fee category, will not be eligible for a refund.

A prorated refund from the first day of instruction, August 21, 2024, up to the 60th percent point in the academic period, October 26, 2024, will be applied to students who withdraw from SJSU. The 60th percent point will be equivalent to a 40% refund of all registration and campus mandatory fees. 

For more information, see our Fall Pro Rata Table [pdf]