Short-Term Loans

The Short-Term Loan Program is not available during the summer sessions.


Loans of up to $500 are available for students who meet the following requirements:

  • All fees have been paid in full or have sufficient financial aid awarded to cover all debts including Housing.
  • Must be enrolled in a minimum of six undergraduate units or four graduate units.
  • Have a definite and verifiable means of repayment such as pending financial aid or a job. When a job is the source of repayment, the maximum amount of the short-term loan is $250.
  • Have had no returned checks or ACH (online) payments and/or have not failed to pay tuition and fees or previous loans by due dates.
  • Must be clear of any monetary or financial aid academic progress holds.

Note: Students on the Installment Payment Plan (IPP) are not eligible for an emergency loan.


To apply, complete this form:

Application Instructions

  1. Complete Section 1: Student Information
  2. Complete Section 2: Reference Information
  3. Complete Section 3: Source of Repayment
  4. Enter the dollar amount of the loan you are requesting in the Amount: $ box
  5. Read the Agreement
  6. Sign and Date

Additional Information

  • Please submit the application either in person to the Bursar's Office or by mail. Our mailing address is listed below. Applications are accepted on the Monday prior to class starting for the term.
  • Processing time for the short-term loan is five to seven business days.
  • Short-term loans are disbursed either electronically to your bank if you are enrolled in Direct Deposit (e-refund) or by paper check mailed to the preferred address you have on file with the University. Students should consider signing up for Direct Deposit, as funds will be sent securely and more timely.
  • Multiple short-term loans will not be approved.
  • Short-term loans must be repaid within 60 days, or by the last day of instruction for the semester, whichever comes first.