Summer Refunds and Pro-Rata Charges

Regular Summer Classes

For regular classes (not Summer One or Two Classes), programs included are Conventional MBA, Conventional Master in Accounting, Education Doctorate and Conventional Credential in Education.

A 100% refund of basic and/or non-resident fees (minus a processing fee for paper check refunds) will be given to students who drop all their classes or withdraw from SJSU no later than June 2, 2024. Refundable fees include basic Summer Registration Fees, Non-California Resident Fees, and course fees.

Students who withdraw on or after June 3, 2024 through July 13, 2024 will be subject to a pro-rata charge. A percentage of their fees corresponding to the day their classes were dropped is due to SJSU. Students who have already paid their tuition and fees will be refunded in full minus the pro-rata charges.

For more information, see our Summer Pro-Rata Table [pdf].