Spring Refunds and Pro-Rata Charges

Spring 2024

A 100% refund of basic and non-resident fees (if applicable) will be given to students who drop all their classes or withdraw from SJSU no later than January 21, 2024. Refundable fees include basic Spring Registration Fees and Non-California Resident Fees. 

Students who withdraw after January 21, 2024, and who have not paid, will be subject to a pro-rata charge. They will owe a percentage of their fees corresponding to the day their classes were dropped.

Students who withdraw after January 21, 2024, and who have paid in full (or partial), will be subject to a pro-rata charge. A percentage of their fees corresponding to the day their classes were dropped is due to SJSU, and will be deducted from paid amount prior to a refund being sent.

Students who drop units, (but remain enrolled), resulting in a lower fee structure and/or mandatory fee obligation during the designated drop period, January 24 through February 19, 2024, will be entitled to a refund of applicable tuition and mandatory fees. After this date, students who remain enrolled, but drop classes resulting in a lower fee category, will not be eligible for a refund.

For students receiving Federal (Title IV) and State funds who withdraw officially or unofficially from all classes, refund calculations will be based on the amount of Federal and State monies earned, based on the amount of time the student has been in attendance. It is a proportional calculation through 60 percent of the payment period. This calculation is not related to the student's institutional charges. For example, the amount of tuition and campus fees assessed will be based on the institutional refund policy. The semester pro-rata table is listed below.

Students should be aware that if they received a refund from excess financial aid funds and withdraw from all of their courses, they may be required to repay the financial aid refund to the university. Additionally, if a student withdraws from all of their classes and their entire funding is from financial aid, any refund due after the refund calculation is completed is returned to the original source and not the student.

Refunds are granted only after the official withdrawal procedure has been completed or the university determines the student is no longer enrolled. Refund processing can take up to four weeks. Please note that if you have paid by credit card and are eligible for a refund due to overpayment, course cancellation, or withdrawal, refunds will be credited back to the credit card used to make the initial payment.

All other refunds are processed as checks and are mailed to the student's attention at the official address on file with the Registrar's Office if direct deposit is not specified. Failure to complete payment prior to withdrawal does not relieve you of financial liability.

A pro-rated refund from the first day of instruction, January 24, 2024, up to the 60th percent point in the academic period, March 30, 2024, will be applied to students who withdraw from SJSU. The 60th percent point will be equivalent to a 40% refund of all registration and campus mandatory fees with the exception of the transit fee.

Note: We encourage students to sign-up for Direct Deposit (e-refund) for faster and safer processing of their refunds. An instructional tutorial can be found at How to Enroll in Direct Deposit [pdf]

For more information, see our Spring Pro-Rata Table [pdf].