Fee Deferrals

What is a Registration Fee Deferral?

Registration Fee Deferrals are placed by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office on eligible student's accounts. A Registration Fee Deferral protects your enrolled classes from enrollment cancellation and defers the required payment of registration fees while the financial aid process is completed.

How long does the Registration Fee Deferral last?

Registration Fee Deferrals are temporary and are placed on a student's account once all requested financial aid documents are submitted to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. To prevent enrollment cancellation, it is the student's responsibility to submit all requested financial aid documents to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office prior to the payment due date. Once a Registration Fee Deferral expires, registration fees must be paid by the payment due date regardless of your financial aid status.

How do I know if I have a Registration Fee Deferral on my account?

You may view your Registration Fee Deferrals on your MySJSU account on the right-hand side of your student center page under Other Indicators. Select Details to view the semester that corresponds to your Registration Fee Deferral.

Does the Registration Fee Deferral cover my housing charges?

No. The Registration Fee Deferral does not cover housing charges. Please contact University Housing Services and ask to speak to your Resident Accounts Coordinator if you wish to discuss your housing charges.