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Summer Bridge (SB) 2.0 is a 4-week virtual transition program for all  EOP first-time freshmen. They will participate in activities that help them learn the campus culture, identify all resources available to them, and build a community with other first-generation college students. Summer Bridge comes at no cost to all participants.

Monday, June 22 (new date!):

  • Orientation Webinar for EOP Summer Bridge 2.0
  • 11am - 12pm 
  • Check your MySJSU often for a message with registration information!

If you can't participate in the webinar and/or the 4 week online program, (see below for dates), then you must appeal online by Sunday, June 21:  If you can not participate in Summer Bridge 2.0 and if your appeal is not approved, you may be removed from the EOP program.

July 5 - July 31:

Canvas Course

  • Weekly Assignments
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring


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Transfer Connect (TC)

The EOP Transfer Connect program provides pivotal guidance and resources to first year transfers during their transition to SJSU. The program supports students in synthesizing their diverse life experiences and skill sets into pursuing academic, career, and personal advancement. We take proactive measures to motivate and assist students to achieve holistic growth and reach their full potential.


Students accepted to EOP may submit a question using the EOP Transfer Connect Inquiry Form and responses to inquiries will be sent only to students who have been accepted to EOP. If you have applied to EOP but are unsure about your application status, please send your inquiry to

New Student Mentors (NSM) 

The New Student Mentor program is a First-Year Experience program focused on easing the transition of incoming freshmen EOP students to SJSU. Participants are empowered through meticulously designed weekly meetings with trained peer mentors who provide motivation, accountability and a process for engagement with campus.

We will pair you with an experienced, high-achieving EOP student mentor for a full year. Your peer mentor will serve as a guide, a friend, and source of support and motivation throughout the year. Peer mentors are students who successfully transitioned into SJSU themselves. They will be able to teach you about the campus, university life, and how to attain your goal of a university degree.

I Can / I Will (ICIW)

I Can / I Will is a First-Year Experience Program focused on increasing the retention and graduation rates of African-American and Latino males in the Educational Opportunity Program at San Jose State University. Participants are empowered through meticulously designed weekly meetings with trained peer mentors who provide motivation, accountability, a process for engagement with the campus, assistance in developing a "road map to college," and a sense of community.

Academic Coaching for Educational Success (ACES) 

The Academic Coaching for Educational Success (ACES) Program strives to provide students with the necessary skills and tools to excel throughout their academic experience at SJSU. Through mentorship and the sharing of resources, ACES Coaches provide a source of support and accountability for students as they pursue their baccalaureate degree.

 Please contact us if you have questions about any of these programs.