AE Program Policies


Attendance will not be taken during class but will be taken during lab. If you miss a class you are still responsible for any material discussed or assignments given. A large portion of each class will be used for problem solving in small groups.  All students are expected to participate in class discussions and problem solving.  Students who are often absent will find themselves at a disadvantage during the tests.  If you miss a lab session, you will get zero score on this lab.

Electronic Devices

Cell phone use is prohibited during class/lab. Turn off or silence your cell phones, and music/media players while in class / lab. Do not answer your phone and do not text during class / lab.  If you violate these policies you will be asked to leave the class / lab with subsequent loss of points. Furthermore, repeated violations and disruption of the class will be referred to the SJSU’s Judicial Affairs Officer.

Multiple Failures in Math and Physics

If students fail to earn a grade of "C" or better after taking twice any of the math or physics courses required for the AE major or after taking twice any of the remedial math or physics courses (e.g. Math19 or Phys49) they will be disqualified from the AE major.

Intellectual Property Rights

The intelectual property rights for any student work performed in any AE course under supervision of an AE faculty member and/or collaboration of outside agencies or companies belong to and are commonly owned by all participating parties (e.g. supervising faculty member(s), student(s), outside agency/company, etc.).  It follows that any publications or patents resulting from such collaborative efforts must bear the names of all contributors, including the supervising faculty.


  • You are required to work in teams for a number of assignments. Please make yourself available to meet and work with your teammates outside of class. 
  • Instructor will normally form all the teams. 
  • At the end of each project or team assignment, each team must submit along with their report each member's peer evaluation of the other members in a separate, sealed envelope.  All peer evaluation forms must be included in the team report.  If you disagree with the scores you receive from your peers, you may provide an explanation to your instructor in writing and request an individual exam on the assignment. To get full credit on a team assignment, your teammates must give you at least 85% in all areas of peer review.  Otherwise, your score for this assignment will be your team's score multiplied by the average peer review score.
  • If your name appears on a team paper, you are expected to be able to explain whatever answer / solution / derivation is on the paper.  Failure to explain the team's answer by any individual is considered a violation of academic integrity (see Univeristy Policies below) and will result in a grade of zero for the team.

University Policies