MS Project Reports

Levenberg-Marquardt filter for orbit estimation [pdf], 2019

Helicopter dynamics concerning retreating blade stall on a coaxial helicopter [pdf], 2019

Modal characteristic analysis of an alouette rotor blade [pdf], 2018

The FANDECT: design of a fixed-wing aircraft networked with deployable engines for cargo transport [pdf], 2018

Modeling and simulation of the hilda asteroid group [pdf], 2018

Numerical methods and tolerance analysis for orbit propagation [pdf], 2018

Aerobraking analysis for the orbit insertion around Jupiter [pdf], 2018

Development of CR3BP, ER3BP and n-body orbit simulations using matlab [pdf], 2017

Perturbations in lower uranian orbit review [pdf], 2017

Real-time stall speed indicator in any flight condition, 2017  

Design and implementation of UAV autoland control law scheme utilizing LIDAR for precise altitude determination [pdf], 2015

Prediction & Measurement of Loading Stress on the Beech King Air Tail Section [pdf], 2013