Tuition and Other Fees

Regular Courses

Fees are calculated based on enrollment units and residency. To view fee information, see Fall, Spring or Summer as appropriate. 

Non-California Resident Fees

Non-resident students pay basic registration fees plus $396 per unit.  For information on residency rules and regulations, visit Office of the Registrar Residency.

Graduate Professional Program Fees

For students in the on-campus MBA program and the MS in Accountancy program, the program-related class fees are $270 per unit in addition to basic registration fees and non-California resident fees (if applicable). For more information, please visit Graduate Business Professional Fee Information. 

Open University Courses

Fees are charged per class. To view fee information, visit Open University: How much does it cost?

Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Type  Amount  Description
Administrative Fee $20 Assessed when payment is overdue
Course Fee  Varies  Additional fees or materials required pertaining to a particular course—determined by department/college offering course 
Returned Check Fee
(first offense) 
$25 Assessed when check is returned from bank—first time
Returned Check Fee
(second offense)
$35 Assessed when check is returned from bank—second time
ID Replacement Fee $5 Assessed when requesting a new Tower Card to replace a card that has been lost or stolen
Installment Payment Plan Fee—Fall and Spring $35 Assessed as a one-time (per semester) processing fee included in the first installment
Late Enrollment Fee $200 Assessed when students add classes after census, but before finals
Re-Enrollment Fee $40 Assessed when classes are administratively dropped by the Bursar's Office for non-payment and student wishes to attend SJSU the following term
Retroactive Add Fee $200 Assessed when students enroll in a class after the semester has ended