Business Honors Program

Business Honors Students at 2023 Grad Celebration

The Lucas College of Business Honors Program, headed by Director Bahram Parineh, is a signature opportunity for our undergraduate business students. The highly selective program that consists of Gary J. Sbona Scholarships and other Lucas College of Business scholarships provides students with real world work experience while earning college credit through practicum courses. The program prepares students for working in business by providing them with an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real business problems. Students work in teams directly with mid and senior level management to come up with solutions to problems that will actually be implemented by the business.

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Accounting and Fincance Honors Students

Accounting and Finance

Our Honors students in Accounting and Finance graduate to become CPAs, tax experts, and system auditors at American corporations, CPA firms, banks, and real estate firms. A fun fact for you: in the Bay Area over 700 Chief Financial Officers are San Jose State graduates and two thirds of them majored in Accounting and Finance.

School of Global Leadership and Innovation

Global Innovation and Leadership

The Honors curriculum in the School of Global Innovation and Leadership (SGIL) offers a unique learning opportunity combining rigor with practical experience. You will have the opportunity to learn in small classes that enable faculty to provide a more personalized learning environment.

MIS Honors Class

Information Systems and Technology

The Management Information Systems (MIS) Honors is a special 2-semester class for exceptional MIS majors in their senior year. Like the 1-semester MIS practicum, the Honors class concept is to provide a "real world" experience for the students so they can apply the technical skills they have learned in their studies to a project.



The School of Management Honors curriculum presents a unique learning opportunity combining rigor with practical experience. You will have the opportunity to be guided by faculty and work on team projects in a personalized learning environment. Class sizes are small to enhance classroom experience.

Marketing and Business Analytics

Marketing and Business Analytics

Marketing & Business Analytics Honors students are paired with client organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Students hone their skills in a real-world context, with the autonomy to define project scope and deliverables in collaboration with the client sponsor. The weekly industry speaker series and rigorous MKTBA curriculum emphasize peer mentorship and networking.

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Admitted students will have the opportunity to work in teams and do a significant and meaningful project at a major organization in Silicon Valley.

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Project Sponsors Have Included…

Project Sponsor Logos

Companies: Interested in Becoming a Project Sponsor?

As a project sponsor, you will get some of the best and brightest students in the Lucas College of Business to work as your private consultants on a project of your choice. Students will be guided by a faculty member on all projects. All selected students have been prescreened by the honors faculty using a highly selective process.

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Benefits of the Program

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Gain Experience with Real-world Business Problems  

Work in teams with other similarly qualified students on a significant and meaningful project at a major organization in Silicon Valley.


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Graduate with Honors

Graduate with honors (details on the Current Student page) from the Business Honors Program, as verified by the department honors faculty.

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Waiver for the GMAT/GRE Requirement

Receive a waiver for the GMAT/GRE requirement for application into the Lucas MBA programs upon successful completion of the Business Honors Program.

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