Evolution of Data Protection Technology at DELL


Innovation is at the heart of success of any product or solution. In this talk, I would like to tell you how advances in technology contribute to innovation in a very successful product. Specifically, I would like to share with you the evolution of Data Protection over the years at Data Domain/EMC/DELL. This presentation will also provide introduction to deduplication and data protection solutions at Dell.


Sailu Yallapragada is a distinguished engineer at DELL Technologies. In his current role as a Data Domain File System architect, he leads the de-duplication engine and the replication components of the file system. These are core file system components that enable the backup, restore, instant access, replication workflows that provide for data protection, disaster recovery, remote office and similar business needs of DELL customers. Sailu joined DELL/EMC in January 2012 as a senior principal software engineer in the Data Domain division. Prior to that he was an expert level architect for 13 years in the HP-UX operating system at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise company. At HP, he worked on memory management, process management, and logical volume manager subsystems of the HP-UX kernel.

Talk Time and Place

February 25, 2020 @ 1:30PM in MacQuarrie Hall Room 225