How to Apply

We encourage applicants holding a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related discipline to apply to the MSCS program. The Admissions Requirements are found on the SJSU Catalog.

Application Status and Timeline

The Fall admission review timeline for the Computer Science department will begin in March and conclude by the end of March. Admission statuses are to be checked by the applicant within their MySJSU account. For those that are referred to the department for review, do not expect a final admission decision to be communicated through MySJSU until March 31. No exceptions will be made to the timeline for this process.

GRE Requirements

All applicants are required to take the GRE unless they are a resident in the state of California. For the GRE test, there are no hard cut-offs. We use the scores to compare and rank candidates.

Conditional Admission to the MSCS Program

If you do not fulfill all requirements for admission, and there is sufficient space in the program, we may offer you conditional admission for in-state applicants. If you are conditionally admitted, you will be expected to complete course work and/or pass tests, as directed by the graduate coordinator.

There is no special procedure for conditional admission. Simply submit an application.

If You Are Not Admitted

If we cannot offer you full or conditional admission, you may still take courses through the Open University program at San Jose State. Open University is a program which allows students who have not been formally admitted to the University to take regular curriculum classes on a space-available basis. 

If You Have More Questions about Admissions Check out the FAQ (list of frequently asked questions)