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Student Club Name
ACM at SJSU Club
Girls Who Code
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) - SJSU
Bioinformatics Club
Game Development Club
Software and Computer Engineering Society (SCE)
Computer Graphics Club

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ACM @ SJSU CS Club Logo

About ACM at SJSU:

The purpose of the ACM at SJSU is to create a space for students to connect and grow their technical skills outside of the classroom. This includes providing personal and professional development workshops, giving students opportunities to put impressive projects on their résumés, conducting mock interviews, hosting company tours, and connecting students with more professionals in the industry. Whether you just want to know what coding is, or need help getting an internship, everyone is welcome in the ACM-CS SJSU Club!

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Girls who code Logo

About Girls Who Code College Loop Club:

We're an energetic team at the Girls Who Code College Loops at San Jose State University, fueled by a passion to make a difference! Guided by a devoted executive board, we have a thrilling lineup of events and initiatives for the academic year. Our primary objective is to cultivate a vibrant community of women from diverse majors, fostering collaboration, facilitating networking opportunities, and empowering personal and professional growth. That being said, we do accept all people regardless of gender identity because allies are just as important when it comes to creating a safe space where everyone feels welcome.

We offer students the chance to network with industry leaders, engage in hands-on technical workshops, and join a community of like-minded individuals through social activities and events. In the past, we have hosted company partnerships and networking events with big tech companies like Google, Nvidia, Asana, and more. We also host technical development workshops where we teach you cool projects to add to your portfolio! Together, let's create a lasting impact!

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External sites/links:
Instagram: @gwcsjsu
Website: https://girlswhocode-sjsu.github.io/
Discord: https://discord.gg/6zCCwucmZd
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/gwc_Sjsu

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About the Society of Women Engineers:
At SWE SJSU, we are dedicated to empowering women to achieve their fullest potential as engineers and leaders. We offer three categories of events: professional development, community building, and STEM outreach. All years, genders, and majors are welcome to join, as long as you support our mission!
For information on our upcoming events and instructions on how to join, check us out at swesjsu.carrd.co
External sites/links:
Instagram: @swe.sjsu
Youtube: SWE SJSU 
Carrd: swesjsu.carrd.co
Website: https://www.swe-sjsu.org/
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About Hoplite:

Looking for internships and full-time jobs can be a stressful process and is often a long journey that involves: applying, waiting to hear back, scheduling the interview, technical prep, whiteboarding, back and forth correspondence, and (hopefully) receiving an offer -- all while we are still dealing with school.

The purpose of Hoplite is to help students master the foundational data structures and algorithms in order to excel in technical interviews and land competitive offers. We also strive to foster a sense of community and help students build a strong network with motivated peers. We host weekly/bi-weekly interview prep sessions, resume workshops, collaborations with companies, alumni panels, etc,. to help you get into your dream company! Our members and alumni have gotten offers from: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, VMWare, Adobe, HPE, Cisco, Twitch, JP Morgan, and many others!

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About Bioinformatics Club:
The Bioinformatics Club provides a community for students interested in bioinformatics to learn more about the field and dive in deeper. Through bi-weekly informational talks, hands-on technical workshops, and networking events with industry professionals, we aim to foster growth and collaboration in students to create meaningful connections. All students are welcome to join and learn more about the opportunities that await within bioinformatics!
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About Game Development Club:
The Game Development Club serves as an environment for people who are interested to learn about the process of developing games, to play and understand game design, and to collaborate with others in researching and creating their own games!
External sites/links:
@sjsugamedev on Instagram
Contact us at:
Instagram DM: @sjsugamedev

SCE Society Logo
About the Software and Computer Engineering Society (SCE):
The Software and Computer Engineering Society aims to provide students with a sense of community, industry-relevant experience and mentorship. Through our many teams, students are given an opportunity to contribute to a variety of large open source projects, adding contribution history to their GitHub profiles and project experience on their resumes.
Social Media:
Instagram: @sjsusce
LinkedIn: sjsusce
Website: sce.sjsu.edu
Contact us:
Email: sjsu.sce@gmail.com

Computer Graphics Club Logo

About the Computer Graphics Club (SIGGRAPH Student Chapter at SJSU):

The ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter at SJSU is the definitive club for computer graphics at SJSU. We specialize in all things computer graphics and related industries including game development, animation, and film.

External sites/links:
Find us on Discord
Contact us: 
Email: sjsu.siggraph@gmail.com