Emeritus/Retired Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Name: Cay Horstmann (cay.horstmann@sjsu.edu)
Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Michigan

Research/Professional Interests: Dr. Horstmann is a scholar who has held visiting positions at universities in four countries; has published 13 computer science books; and has been an innovator in Computer Science education, developing online tools for student programming feedback. He has taught a wide range of courses and has mentored numerous theses.

Name: Sami Khuri (sami.khuri@sjsu.edu)
Ph.D. Computer Science, Syracuse University

Research/Professional Interests: Dr. Khuri pioneered initiatives to broaden non-CS majors’ participation in Computer Science, increase the capacity of STEM workforce and provide pathways for Computer Science students to receive training in emergent and interdisciplinary fields. Among these initiatives are interdisciplinary Minor and Masters programs in Bioinformatics. He continues co-chairing and co-organizing international and national Computer Science and Bioinformatics conferences. Dr. Khuri served on the PhD committee of three students, supervised research projects of over 75 MS students and over 40 undergraduate students from CS, Biology and Engineering.

Dr. Khuri is a recipient of several national and international awards, such as NIH, Dana Research, Fulbright, CSU, the Technology Pathway Initiative, and the German Academic Exchange (DAAD) awards.

Name: H. Chris Tseng (chris.tseng@sjsu.edu)
PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research/Professional Interests: Artificial Intelligence

Retired Faculty

Name: TY Lin
Ph.D. Mathematics, Yale University

Research/Professional Interests: Data Mining, Data Security, Data and Knowledge Based System, Granular, Rough, Fuzzy Computing, E-Engineering and Intelligent Control Applications.