You Got a Degree in Computer Science, Now What?


Every year, thousands of computer scientists turn up in Silicon Valley to seek their fortune. Many find their dream jobs, others find disappointment. How can you be one of the lucky few to take part in this new gold rush?

In this presentation, Tanya Lindermeier, will explain how she was able to find her career in Silicon Valley. Not only, do you have to learn the right skills, you need to tell your story using the tools available and get your profile into the right hands and in front of the right pair of eyes.


Tanya Lindermeier founded topgirlcoder, a community that empowers women in technology to connect, discover, and collaborate. Through topgirlcoder, women have connected to opportunities and one another in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

In addition to leading topgirlcoder, Tanya is also a software engineer at ARRIS and formerly was a developer mentor at Dev BootCamp in San Francisco. She studied computer science and engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Talk Time and Place

April 9, 2019 @ 1:20PM in MH 225