How to Initiate an NPP

How a student interested in taking an internship class can initiate the New Partner Proposal (NPP)

  1. The student first clicks on the “Students/Faculty login” link on the S4 home page.
  2. The student selects the option, “I am a SJSU Student”.
  3. The student inputs all the required information, including their own email address,information about the IAC course and IAC instructor, and information about the internship organization.
  4. When all the information has been entered, the student clicks “Submit.” This will trigger an auto-generated email invitation to the organizational member to come into S4 to complete the NPP.
  5. The student will immediately receive an email confirming that the invitation has been sent.
  6. SJSU personnel must now wait for the organization to complete a two-step process in S4.
    • For the first step, the organization must follow the emailed instructions to come to S4 to complete the NPP. The S4 team then reviews the NPP, creates a new profile for the organization, and emails the organizational member a second invitation to return to S4 to sign the UOA.
    • For the second part of the process, the organization follows the emailed instructions to return to S4, log in, electronically sign and submit the UOA inside S4. SJSU then signs and approves the UOA. At this point, the UOA is fully executed. The S4 team makes the organization’s
      listing in S4 visible, signifying that the UOA is fully executed.
  7. Any user (IAC faculty, admin, and/or student) can now see the organization listed in S4, signifying that the UOA is fully executed.
  8. The student can now be enrolled in the internship course.

The UOA form [pdf] should be routed on the S4 website and should not be forwarded in persons to collect signatures.