Empowering Students to Succeed

The Department of Computer science is well-equipped with a myriad of programs and resources to give students the support they need to thrive as they pursue their degrees.


Our advisors are here to guide students during their time at SJSU. See who your advisors are and how to get in touch with them. Plus discover important information on articulation (replacing required courses for equivalents taken elsewhere).

Instructor Office Hours

Find the best way to reach your professor or academic advisor by understanding when they are available.


Both graduate and undergraduate students can access important documents for their respective degrees, including advising holds, course substitutions, oral defense request forms, graduation, and more.

Course Syllabi

Get the course syllabi for current and upcoming semesters. It's an excellent way to learn about the courses and prepare yourself for what you're about to learn.

For Undergraduate Students

Get critical resources for undergraduate students, including degree requirements, how to change your major, course prerequisites, internships, frequently asked questions, and more.

For Graduate Students

Discover tailored resources for each graduate program, including the latest updates, guidelines and research. 

CS46A/B Jobs

Get a chance to help other students, assist faculty instructors, and gain working experience by being a lab instructor or grader for CS46A or CS46B. 

Computer Science Study Lab

Whether you have questions regarding your course material, would like to improve your coding skills, or want to enhance your study skills, our Computer Science Study Lab is here to help. Plus, you'll be able to form study groups and network with your fellow students.


Admission to SJSU is competetive. Learn more about how your major is impacted and what additional factors will SJSU consider in the Impaction process.