Machine Learning's Fourth Frontier: (Motion) Sensors


With the thawing of the AI winter, driven by the emergence of deep learning, breaching human-level performance benchmarks has become a commonplace across different domains. Of these, because of the common-man-relatability factor, the three core modalities of speech, vision and text have garnered most of the media attention. Behind the glitz and glamour of the conquests in these ‘core’ domains, a silent revolution has been brewing on a fourth frontier fueled by data emanating from sensors. In this talk, we will survey the landscape of advancements along this fourth frontier with a specific focus on motion sensors on commercial smartphones.


Vinay Uday Prabhu is currently the Chief Scientist at UnifyID Inc. He holds a Dual-PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master's in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology - Madras.