Grade Dispute and Grievance Process

Informal Resolution Process

Consistent with University policy S07-6 Student Fairness Dispute Resolution [pdf], the Department of Computer Science provides an informal process for students as follows and should be conducted in order.

  1. Students must first attempt to resolve such matters with the faculty member involved. Students should arrange a meeting with their instructor as soon as is possible in order to seek a resolution through informal discussion. And equitable solution to the problem should be sought before the persons directly involved have made any public or official statements that might tend to polarize the dispute and possibly render a solution more difficult.
  2. If the student and the faculty member are not able to resolve their dispute, then the dispute may be brought to the attention of the Department Chair or designated faculty for assistance.It is department policy to require that all complaints be put into writing. Please complete the Complaint Form [pdf], attach it to your letter of complaint and submit it the Department Office (MH 208) or email to
  3. If the dispute cannot be resolved at the department level, the student may contact the Associate Dean of the College of Science.

It is preferable that a resolution of such disputes be completed within the department or college, but this may not always be possible. At any time, should an agreement not be reached, the student may seek the aid of the Department Chair or the University Ombudsperson, including at a time prior to the initial meeting with the instructor. It is imperative that this process be conducted as quickly as is possible, but in such a way that due process is observed and fairness to all parties is achieved.

Formal Resolution Process

In the Formal Resolution Process, the grievance petition must be submitted to the office of the University Ombudsperson no later than the end of the semester following that in which the alleged cause of the dispute occurred.

Additional Information

See University policy S07-6 Student Fairness Dispute Resolution [pdf] for more details.

Questions or issues involving discrimination (including physical, racial, and sexual harassment) should be reported to the SJSU Office of Equal Opportunity.