Dorthy Kaucher Award for Excellence in Oral Interpretation and Storytelling

Dorothy Kaucher.Dorothy Kaucher received her A.B, B.S., A.M., and B.J at the University of Missouri from 1915 to 1924. Professor Kaucher then went onto to earn her Ph. D from Cornell University in 1928. Dr. Kaucher was hired at San José State Teachers College in 1930 where she taught Oral Interpretation, Voice and Diction, and Public Speaking, until she retired in 1957.

Dr. Kaucher instructed and led San José State Teachers College Speech and Drama Department in the curricula appertaining to the courses of Oral Interpretation, Readers Theatre, and Radio Theatre and Announcing. The contest featured student Oral Interpretation performances of literary selections. The winner was awarded a cash prize. Upon her retirement in 1957 Professor Noreen La Barge Mitchell took the helm and not only added the craft of Storytelling to the Program but as well directed a Readers Theatre production each semester and continuted the Kaucher Contest. After a successful tenure, Professor Mitchell retired in the mid 1980s. Professor Richard Parks continued the program but a few years after his retirement, the contest floundered. Professor Beverly Swanson joined the Department in 1992 and resurrected the program, adding the art of Voice Over to the mix. Professor Swanson also resumed the contest for excellence in Oral Interpretation which now awards excellence in Storytelling as well. Most importantly Professor Swanson is responsible for the addition of the most deserved “Mitchell” to the name of the event which honors the student for excellence in Oral Interpretation and Storytelling and goes to the Kaucher-Mitchell contest winner.

The Dorothy Kaucher Contest for excellence in Oral Interpretation began under the direction of Dr. Dorothy Kaucher in 1951. The annual contest honors students for excellence in Oral Interpretation and Storytelling and goes to the Kaucher-Mitchell contest winner.

Past Recipients

2015 Jonathan Floodman
2015 Cynthia Espinoza
2014 Timothy Garcia
2014 Gina Mathias
2014 Brittney Whittaker
2013 Joseph Baratta
2009 Caterina Goestl
2009 Ngok Fung Ovan Chan
2008 Dane Lentz (F)
2008 Lee Brooks (F)
2008 Veronika Olah (OI)
2008 Aurora Lowe (S)
2008 Caitlin Dissinger (S)
2008 Michael Sanchez (OI)
2007 Chris Gaoiran (F)
2007 Emily Howard (S)
2007 Sean Honan (OI)
2006 Quincy Young (OI)
2006 Lawrence Aljentera (S)
2005 Stuart Mahoney (F)
2005 Abby Wittmayer (F)
2004 Melissa McDaniel (F)
2003 Philip Jang (F)
2002 Chad Peterman (F)
2002 Alisyn Gularte (F)
2001 Julie Smith (OI)
2001 Kendra Owens-Sanders (F)
2001 Cassandra Robinette (S)
2001 Jean Battiato (F)
2000 Luane Beck (F)
2000 Juan Ramos (OI)
1999 Rhea Guzman (F)
1999 Philip Jang (OI)
1998 Erica Perez (S)
1998 Tyr Rodriguez (F)
1997 Tyr Rodriguez (S)
1997 Ian Johnson(F)
1996 Egan Schulz (OI)
1996 Lisa Vanderpool (F)
1995 Rebekah Wolendzack (F)
1995 Matt Tidwell (S)
1994 Lisa Nishimi (F)
1994 Ricci Muzzuca (F)
1994 Steve Campbell (OI)
1993 Suzanne Thrash (F)
1993 Jennifer Marshall (F)
1993 Lance Dawson (OI)
1992 Suzanne Thrash (F)
1991 Kimberly Mahone (F)
1991 Brandon Haws (F)
1990 Mitch Green, Kelly Gregg (F)
1989 Lisa Zambetti, Gary Zaro (F)
1988 Scott Sala, Sibyl Barefoot (F)
1987 Bridget Kowalczyk, Tom Grady
1986 Kathleen Woods (F)
1986 Donna Federico (F)
1985 John Quinn, Greg Rehric (F)
1985 Jon Selover (F)
1984 Christine Schoenwald (F)
1984 Jannie Carrea, Neil Fucci (F)
1983 Dan Measles, Kate Irvine (OI)
1983 Claudia Borsh, Tony Combs (F)
1983 Elizabeth Gracs, Gary Zaro (F)
1982 Beverly Mathis (F, OI)
1981 Harold Hughes (F, OI)
1969 Dennis Conroy (OI)
1951 Ursula T. Gibson


(S) Storytelling
(OI) Oral Interpretation
(F) Fellow