James Clancy Standard of Excellence

James Clancy.James Clancy: San José State University 1930-1959. In the Golden Age of College Theatre, the drama Department at SJSU was widely regarded as one of the top four University Theatre programs in the country. During a memorable span of 12 years (1946-1958), the Department was a remarkable academic and artistic panacea where talented faculty regularly acted in plays along side of beloved students, where more and bigger was better, were students and faculty were truly devoted the theatre and each other with a passion rarely seen in more modern times. It was an era when indelible memories and lifelong friends were made. At the artistic and spiritual heart of the Department was the presence, energy, talent of Jim Clancy, the Golden Boy of this Golden Age. As a writer, actor, director, and teacher Clancy inspired hundreds of students and thousands of enthusiastic patrons with his theatre productions. His plays and performances are still remembered as some of the most important, most beautiful works of drama ever done at SJSU. During the "Clancy years," the school built its reputation for excellence in theatre.

The James Clancy Endowment

The Clancy Endowment is a gift of love and remembrance from the family, friends, and students of Jim Clancy. The Endowment provides scholarships to exemplary students of theatre, students who exemplify those qualities embodied by Jim Clancy: devotion to the art of theatre, hard work, discipline, ingenuity, and ethical behavior on and off stage. Contributions to the Endowment help the Theatre Arts Department measure up to Jim Clancy’s standard of excellence and maintain the Department’s mission of providing aspiring theatre artists with exemplary training and education.

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