Leadership Searches/Reviews

Below is a current list of leadership searches and reviews in progress:

University Library Dean Search 2021

Position Announcement

Search Committee
Chair: Bernd Becker

  • Suzie Bahmanyar, Sr. Assistant Librarian, University Library
  • Bernd Becker, Librarian, University Library
  • Jill Bourne, Director, San José Public Library
  • Noelle Brada-Williams, Chair, English and Comparative Literatures
  • Walt Jacobs, Dean, College of Social Sciences
  • Micah Jeffries, Head of Systems and Metadata, University Library
  • René Moreno, Graduate Student, Master's, Public Administration
  • Neil Ordinario, Library Technology Coordinator, University Library
  • Mantra Roy, Sr. Assistant Librarian, University Library
  • Karthika Sasikumar, Professor, Political Science
  • Kate Steffens, Sr. Assistant Librarian, University Library

Review Committee for the Dean, College of Professional & Global Education, Ruth Huard, AY 2020-21

Committee Chair: Susanna Khavul

  • Lee Chang, Chair, Department of Applied Data Science
  • Susanna Khavul, Professor, School of Management
  • Linda Main, Director, School of Information
  • Sarah McGregor, Director, International Gateways
  • Ruchi Mehta, Senior Program Manager, Professional Education
  • Shannon Miller, Dean, College of Humanities & the Arts
  • Sabine Rech, Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Malu Roldan, Professor, School of Information Systems & Technology
  • Krista Wirth, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences

Review Committee for the Dean, College of Social Sciences, Walt Jacobs, AY 2020-21

Committee Chair: Roberto Gonzalez

  • Patricia Ayala Macias, Academic Advisor, ACCESS Success Center
  • Patience Bryant, Director of Black/African American Equity, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • M. Kathryn (Kate) Davis, Professor, Environmental Studies
  • Roberto Gonzalez, Chair, Anthropology
  • Jennifer Jimenez, Student/Peer Mentor, ACCESS Success Center
  • Paul Knepper, Chair, Justice Studies
  • Heather Lattimer, Dean, Lurie College of Education
  • Marco Meniketti, Professor, Anthropology
  • Claudio Vera Sanchez, Associate Professor, Justice Studies

Review Committee for the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, Thalia Anagnos, AY 2020-21

Committee Chair: Gigi Smith

  • James Anderson, Associate Director, SA Systems and Student Success Programs
  • Carlos E. Garcia, Professor, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
  • Anoop Kaur, Associated Student Government
  • Ravisha Mathur, Associate Professor, Child & Adolescent Development
  • Tom Moriarty, Professor, English
  • Sarah Schraeder, Curriculum and Acad Prog Analyst, Undergraduate Education
  • Gigi Smith, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy