Update for Graduate Students 3

To: Graduate Students

From: Marc d'Alarcao, Dean, College of Graduate Studies

Dear SJSU Graduate Students,

I hope that you and your loved ones are well and that you have adjusted to the shelter in place order in a way that has allowed for you to maintain your personal and educational wellbeing. Since my last update the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to evolve, and the faculty and staff at SJSU have been working very hard to support the entire Spartan community. As always, the most up to date information about the SJSU response to the health crisis can be found at the SJSU Health Advisories website. This message is intended to summarize some of the information relevant to graduate students.

Town Hall – May 6, 2020, Noon-1 p.m.

We will be holding a virtual town hall meeting specifically for graduate students on Wednesday May 6. In this meeting, I and a few members of our College of Graduate Studies team will be providing a brief overview of the current situation and then hosting a Q&A session to learn about and address concerns that you may have. Please register for the Town Hall.

Grading Policy Modifications

In an effort to provide relief for students whose academic performance has been adversely affected by the current situation, SJSU has temporarily modified certain university policies related to grading and disqualification. In brief, any student, including graduate students, may elect by May 1 to take any course in spring 2020 in a credit/no credit mode. Please see the FAQ (graduate student info begins on p. 6) and consult with your advisor before deciding if this option is right for you. If you decide to elect CR/NC grading, the electronic form is here. Another important modification is that students will not be disqualified for their academic performance in spring 2020.

Fee for Change of Graduation date to August 2020 

SJSU has waived the fee for graduate students who must change their graduation date from May 2020 to August 2020 because they were unable to complete their culminating experience in this disrupted semester. 

Interesting Virtual Events

We’ve compiled a page of virtual events that are potentially of interest to graduate students from any discipline. It is always important, but especially during stressful times such as now, to engage in intellectually and/or emotionally engaging academic activities outside of our own fields to provide a respite from our daily tasks and to broaden our perspectives. Please check out the list of events, which we will update regularly.

Campus Climate Survey

Time is running out to help share your thoughts and help shape the future of SJSU! Start and complete the survey.  We want to make sure that the graduate student voice is heard loud a clear. The survey is open until May 8th.  For more background information, history and actions related to this survey, visit the belong@sjsu website.

Privacy Rights and Remote Learning

With all of us engaging in much more exchange of electronic information than usual, including in our classes, the CSU Chancellor’s Office has provided a reminder of our privacy rights and how they translate to the online class environment. Read the privacy rights FAQ.

SJSU Cares

If you are facing financial challenges, including homelessness or food insecurity, SJSU Cares is there to help you. Graduate students are welcomed to apply. The federal CARES Act has allocated new resources allowing SJSU to provide financial assistance to eligible students who are experiencing an unforeseen hardship due to COVID-19.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Anxiety and fear about health emergencies can take a toll on our well-being. If you are feeling overwhelmed, please know that there are people on campus that care and want to help. The people in our Counseling and Psychological Services unit can be reached at 408-924-5910 and counseling.services@sjsu.edu.

If you need help or have any questions, please reach out to us. Also, please plan to join us at the Town Hall on Wednesday May 6 at noon.

Please take care of yourselves!


Marc d’Alarcao, Dean
College of Graduate Studies