Strategic Operations & Partnerships

Strategic Operations is a central function in ABSO with the Office of the Provost. Our mission is to manage and reinforce change through a series of systematic plans thereby increasing operation efficiencies, reducing administrative barriers, and strengthening business processes.

Working with our partners, our goal is to support change communication efforts, determine process ownership, and develop and maintain standardized documentation of our business process, policies and procedures.

Process Improvement Brainstorming Session (PIBS)


Directors of Resources & Operations (DROs)

  • Niña Agustin, DRO, College of Science
  • Sarah Arreola, DRO, Lurie College of Education
  • Scott Broberg, Sr. DRO, College of Professional & Global Education
  • Wendy Dunn, DRO, Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering
  • Patricia Rodriguez, DRO, University Library
  • Debbie Mullin, DRO, College of Humanities & the Arts
  • Ramon Perez, DRO, College of Health & Human Sciences
  • Terri Ramirez, DRO, College of Social Sciences
  • Dora Ruiz, DRO, Lucas College & Graduate School of Business

Divisional Partners

Division of Research & Innovation

Facilities Development & Operations

Finance & Business Services

University Personnel