Season 3

The Accidental Geographer

A Podcast with Vincent Del Casino, SJSU Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

SJSU's podcast “The Accidental Geographer” with Vincent Del Casino, SJSU Provost, returns in a rebranded, visual, and live format! This podcast introduces world-class faculty whose research, teaching, and commitment to community engagement bring life to this university.

Episode 1: John Delacruz

The Accidental Geographer’s Vincent del Casino speaks with Associate Professor John Delacruz, one of the most creative people on campus, whose research focuses on teaching, learning, and creativity, principally how experiential learning spaces impact the creative disciplines, as well as mentorship and peer learning in creative teams.

Episode 2: Dr. Marcelle Dougan

In the latest episode, Del Casino speaks with Dr. Marcelle Dougan, who originally envisioned herself as a chemical engineer only to become an international leader in public health.

Episode 3: Emily Slusser

Dr. Emily Slusser, Professor and Chair of Child and Adolescent Development in the College of Education at SJSU, is an expert in early childhood education, developmental psychology, and cognitive science. In this episode, she discusses ways in which children learn early on in their lives and how she's applied that work to policy conversations and to the future of learning in higher education.