Fall 2021 Course Schedule is Live

Date: May 6, 2021
To: SJSU Campus Community
From: Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr., Provost and Senior VP of Academic Affairs

SJSU campus community,

The Fall 2021 course schedule is now live. With the health and safety of our campus community serving as our guiding principles throughout this pandemic, we have assembled a schedule that provides students opportunities to attend classes in person, fully online and in a hybrid modality. 

Please keep in mind:

  • The fall semester will be a transition from a COVID-19 world to a post-COVID-19 one
  • The fall course schedule:
    • is designed with health and safety as a primary consideration
    • has a mix of modalities to “meet students where they are”
    • looks different than previous semesters - longer breaks between classes - to reduce airborne risk of COVID-19 transmission
    • is still being built and there will be some changes, so please check it often between today and when it schedule opens for registration
    • will not dramatically change over the summer once the schedule is finalized - classes offered in-person will stay in-person
  • Please continue to be patient, flexible, and kind to one another as we respond to ever-evolving public health guidelines
  • Updates will be forthcoming over the summer months

I want to thank the deans, department chairs, faculty, and staff who have worked tirelessly over the past few months to assemble a course schedule that will allow us to safely bring a large number of students back to campus.

Navigating the course schedule process

To promote good airflow and thereby reduce the risk of spread in on-campus classroom activities, SJSU has adjusted the class schedule to allow for more time between classes during the day. There is now a 30 minute buffer between course times for the fall semester.

We understand there may be students who will need to take an in-person course followed by an online or hybrid course, with not enough time to make it back home. We will make space for students to sit, access WiFi, take online and hybrid classes, or study. As we finalize those spaces on campus and the process for reserving a space, we will share with the campus community.

When viewing the class schedule website, pay close attention to the “Mode of Instruction'' column in the schedule. It lists each class as In Person, Hybrid or Fully Online. The comment column on the right side of the course schedule provides more detail about the mode of instruction. For example, the note for a hybrid class might say “HYBRID - 2 Meeting Patterns: (1) designated in person with day/time meetings; and (2) NO designated online day/time meetings (TBA).” 

Courses that are asynchronous fully online will list “TBA” in the “Day” column, whereas courses that are synchronous fully online list the days and times you would engage with the class via Zoom. Hybrid classes will have multiple entries in the “Days” and “Times” columns, one for the in-person portion of the class and one for the online portion.

Below are examples from the course schedule available online.

Course Schedule 
Thank you for your continued patience, flexibility and kindness. We are looking forward to a fall semester that safely allows more activity on the campus.

Vincent Del Casino, Jr.
Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs