62nd Annual Honors Celebration over a blue cloth with gold branch of leaves.

Honors Celebration

At San José State University, we are honored to recognize students who have been awarded the distinction of President's and Dean's Scholars for the prior spring or fall semester. You are among the top SJSU undergraduate students who have achieved this academic excellence, and we are proud of your accomplishments. We look forward to celebrating with you during the following recognition events.

Grad Fest

March 25–27

President's Scholars who are graduating this Spring 2024, can attend Grad Fest to collect their honors cord, a symbol of their achievements, and proudly showcase it during Commencement.

Photo Booth

April 22, 23 and 26

The President’s Scholar Photo Booth offers an exciting chance for you to pick up your honors cord, and take digital photos, which can be proudly shared with family and friends.

President's Scholars

View this year's list of honorees.

Honors Qualifications

Learn more about the qualifications of undergraduate student honors at SJSU.


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President's Scholar Highlights

Mia Wicks.

Mia Wicks

’23 Advertising

“My dream was not practical or what I imagined in reality, but then my guidance counselor told me about SJSU and their focus on making career ready students that would give me the opportunity to learn about subjects beyond the studio to enrich my mind and make me more well rounded along the way.”

Xavier Clark.

Xavier Clark

’23 Jazz Studies

“Receiving this award is a HUGE honor for me! I'm a first generation college student and ever since I have started college I have given it 110%, many don't know this but in my 5 years in college I have received President's Scholar each semester, but this is even more special because I am finally getting recognized for these achievements.”

Serena Siow.

Serena Siow

’23 Kinesiology

“With an incredibly diverse community and people from all different educational backgrounds, SJSU Spartans continue to motivate me to accomplish my goals. I am a Spartan through my desire to be an individual that displays leadership and motivates others to succeed.”