COMM 198: Forensics Options

NOTE: While this is the list of options that we hope to offer in Fall 2020, they are subject to change by the time the semester rolls around. We hope to keep you up to date as we learn more information. Please stay safe and we hope that you will join us in the Fall.

The following are the options currently being offered for the applied activity unit (Comm 198) with forensics. Please make sure to read the Background, Mission, and Requirements of Forensics Comm 198. If you would like to enroll, please email Kim Yee at with the following information:

If you have any questions,  please send Kim Yee an email with a large list of possible times for us to meet. I will respond with a Zoom invitation and confirmation of time. 

Option 1 - Join the Speech and Debate Team (Unlimited spots available)

You would join the speech and debate team to qualify 2 events for travel to compete against other schools. For Fall 2020 we will hold weekly meetings and have an asynchronous course.  You will be responsible for qualifying and competing at 1 tournament for a 50 hour unit or 2 tournaments for a 100 hour 2 units. The tournaments will take place online and on the weekends (schedule to be determined). Tournament availability is based on preparation beforehand and qualifying that event with a coach.

For one unit (50 hours), you would complete:

  • 30 hours - Research and Preparation
  • 20 hours - Competition.

Option 2 - Service to Urban Debate League (Unlimited spots available)

Students will commit to judge at multiple high school tournaments for an urban debate league in which they will need to learn about the events offered by forensics. Students will need to stay current in public events and be able to judge the accuracy of debates and speeches. Prior to choosing this students will need to have completed or enroll in Comm 91 J (You may enroll in Comm 198 and 91J at the same time)

After completing Comm 91J, you will meet with the forensics coaches to do a round of practice judging. This is a meaningful component that students complete to demonstrate competence before being sent out into the community.  (Training hours: approximately 10 hours). 

Students will then virtually or in person attend tournaments held on weekends throughout the semester. Those dates are determined by that organization. You will need to participate and judge over the course of two weekends (30 Hours Service to Urban Debate League). 

Finally, you will help judge at SpeakFest, which is held on a Friday (Date TBD). Total hours: 50

For one unit (50 hours), you would complete:

  • 10 Hours - Training
  • 30 Hours - Service to SVUDL
  • 2 Tournaments (For 2 units, 4 Tournaments)
  • 10 Hours - SpeakFest Coaching

Option 3 - Forensics Presentations (Unlimited Spots) 

Students will research write and deliver 2 presentations for the Comm Center. Presentations will be 30 minute long webinars. Webinars will be focused upon forensics activities, performance help, or Communication Studies centered topics. Students will be required to outline, plan, and deliver their workshops. As part of the Comm Center workshop pre or post assessment activities must also be included. This is a culminating experience meaning high levels of qualified research, good presentation skills, video editing skills and audience analysis will all be required. Student topics will need to be cleared and each presentation must be vetted by a member of the Forensics coaching staff prior to recording. 

Time Allocation - 2 Workshops

  • 40 Hours - Research and Development of the Workshop
  • 5 Hours - Practice and Performance

Option 4 - Civic Engagement (Unlimited spots)

Students will sign up to participate and host a virtual town hall. Students will organize, prepare, and perform a virtual town hall around student engagement in online learning communities. This event will change based on how many people choose this option. This program will evolve as people register. This option allows for the most creativity out of all the options. 

Option 5 - Grader (1-2 spots available)

Students will complete a short Canvas training session with a forensics coach to learn how to grade judging assignments. Student will grade all assignments throughout the semester within a week of assignment submission and work with the coaches to ensure continuity of care for our judging students. Grader must also be available to assist during SpeakFest.