Graduating Seniors

Apply for Graduation

You're close to graduation--congratulations! To help make your graduation progress more smoothly, follow these steps:

  • Review your MyProgress to see if you are eligible to graduate within the next two semesters. Address anything on MyProgress that has a red square.
  • You may apply online if your Graduation Status says Eligible for Graduation in our MyProgress. If you need to apply late, please consult with your major or GE advisor.
  • Check the Registrar's Application Central website for the latest graduation paperwork format, instructions, and deadlines.
  • As a Communication Studies major, you will apply for graduation online via MySJSU. There is no need to submit a major form. View the Online Graduation Application tutorial [pdf] guide for screenshots of the process.
  • If you have a minor, please meet with your minor advisor to complete any additional minor paperwork for graduation.
  • If you have questions at any point in the process, please contact your graduation evaluator.

That's it! Contact your advisor and/or your graduation evaluator with any questions you have about applying for graduation.

SJSU Commencement Ceremony

At the end of every semester, San José State University hosts a commencement for each College. The Department of Communication Studies Commencement takes place as a part of the College of Social Sciences Commencement.

Please see the Commencement website for the latest information and up-to-date announcements.