Graduating Seniors

Apply for Graduation

You're close to graduation--congratulations! To help make your graduation progress more smoothly, follow these steps:

  • Confirm with MyProgress Report to see if you are eligible to graduate within the next two semesters. Address anything on MyProgress that has a red square.
  • Check the Registrar's Application Central website for the latest graduation paperwork format, instructions, and deadlines.
  • As a Communication Studies major, you will apply for graduation online via MySJSU. There is no need to submit a major form. View the Online Graduation Application tutorial [pdf]
    • You may apply online if your Graduation Status says Eligible for Graduation. If you need to apply late, please consult with your advisor. You will receive an email notification when your graduation evaluator has reviewed your file.
  • If you have a minor, please submit a signed minor form (in a sealed envelope) to Window R at the Student Services Center.
  • If you have questions at any point in the process, please contact your graduation evaluator [pdf].

That's it! Contact your advisor and/or your graduation evaluator with any questions you have about applying for graduation.

SJSU Commencement Ceremony

At the end of every semester, San José State University hosts a commencement for each College. The Department of Communication Studies Commencement takes place as a part of the College of Social Sciences Commencement.

Please see the Commencement website for the latest information and up-to-date announcements.