Minor in Communication in the Information Age

This interdisciplinary minor provides you with theoretical insights and practical skills necessary to thrive in the information age. You'll learn about the basic skills of information retrieval and evaluation, contemporary media practices, and  the intersections of technology, identity, and culture.

Completion of this minor means that you can:

  • Employ a broad range of resources and information technologies for effective personal, artistic, and professional communication.
  • Practice effective principles of information gathering, evaluation and synthesis while demonstrating awareness of legal, ethical, and practical issues relating to these practices.
  • Develop reasoned and well articulated perspectives on contemporary questions related to rights and responsibilities in the information age, with particular awareness of issues related to equity, intellectual property, intellectual freedom, and the ethical responsibilities of media institutions.


The Minor in Communication in the Information Age requires a total of 18 units, with 7 units of required coursework and 11 units of elective coursework.

Required Courses (7 units)

  • MCOM 072 - Mass Communication and Society (3 units)
  • COMM 181F - New Media / New World (4 units)

Elective Courses (11 units)

  • ARTH 072 - Design in Society (3 units)
  • ARTH 176A - Graphic Design History and Theory (3 units)
  • COMM 131P - New Media/You Media (4 units)
  • COMM 151I - Inquiry in Internet Communication (4 units)
  • RTVF 110 - Electronic Media and Culture (3 units)

Total: 18 units

Note: Communication Studies majors may double count one course (4 units) toward the major and the minor. Also, from the SJSU Catalog: "The minimum criterion for any minor must be 12 units of course work completely distinct and separate from the course work in one's major."

Questions or Want to Add the Minor?

See a COMM Advisor to discuss and declare the minor.