Competition Team

San Jose State Forensics is a full service team that competes against other colleges and universities throughout the world. We offer various platform speeches, limited prep events, oral interpretive events, and debate styles. We compete in the National Forensics Association (NFA), Northern California Forensics Association (NCFA), International Forensics Association (IFA), and American Forensics Association (AFA). 

While travel is not required to join, the competition team involves weekend travel to tournaments throughout California, the United States, and occasionally the world - (China, Portugal, Canada, Czech Republic, Argentina, Hungary, Italy, Japan and Belgium so far!) 

While the team is not a class you sign up for you can receive a variety of upper division units for joining. For more information, stop by one of our practice sessions. Students do not pay for travel, coaching, lodging, or registration to compete. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 - 5:30 pm in HGH 219 or stop by our office HGH 214 and we are happy to work with your schedule. 

The Competition team is also committed to giving back to San Jose State and the local community. As such we put on campus performances to showcase our work, to bring attention to hot button issues, and host SpeakFest. 

For additional information please contact Director of Forensics Kim Yee ( about how to get involved.