COMM 198 - Applied Activity

Applied Activity in Communication, COMM 198/157SL/193, requires that you apply in a practical setting what you've learned in your major courses.  The options are offered in 1-unit modules; you are required to take 2 units.

Ordinarily, students take one unit per semester in the last two semesters of their senior year. Each unit requires 50 hours of work. Alternately, you may complete COMM 157SL, Community Action/Community Service, which counts for both units of the Applied Activity as well as SJSU Studies Areas S.

You may also consider completing COMM 193, Activity Projects in Intercultural & International Communication, where you complete both units of the Applied Activity over the summer while studying abroad in Berlin, Germany.

Registering for your Applied Activity

Students typically sign up for 1 unit of COMM 198 in their last two semesters at SJSU. Please note that COMM 198 is not available in the summer or winter sessions. You must have a permission code from one of the Applied Activity coordinators to register for the course. Here are the options for the Applied Activity requirement and the contact person for each area:

Catalog Description

Practical application of communication theory to real world settings to provide meaningful applied capstone experiences. Students demonstrate proficiency in the critical application of core communication requirements to speech acts and contexts outside the traditional classroom.


Each option of the required Applied Activity must meet the following basic requirements for one unit of credit in accordance with university practices for supervised activities:

  • Students must complete a minimum of 50 hours of supervised activity for each one unit of credit.
  • Students must meet all prerequisite requirements.
  • Students must receive prior instructor and departmental approval to enroll on the selected activity.
  • Students must select their Applied Activity option and complete all required paperwork to receive the suppressed code to add the activity before the end of the add period.
  • Students should complete all necessary training and readings in a timely manner.
  • All work must be completed under the supervision of the designated faculty member or members.
  • Students will keep a journal, log, or complete all necessary paperwork to document their activities.
  • Students are expected to sign an agreement specifying the terms of their applied activity.
  • Students will complete reflective assignments periodically throughout the experience as appropriate.
  • Students will complete as assessment and evaluation of their Applied Activity.
  • Students should behave professionally and appropriately at all times during the completion of Applied Activities.
  • Students should report any unsafe or inappropriate circumstances to the supervising faculty member or a department administrator as quickly as possible.

Failure to meet the requirements for COMM 198 will result in a grade of No Credit (NC).

Learning Objectives

All COMM Applied Activity courses share these basic learning objectives:

  1. Translate theory into practice.
  2. Explain and demonstrate abilities in oral and written communication.
  3. Integrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  4. Exhibit knowledge of communication theory.
  5. Relate communication strategies to varied audiences.
  6. Apply critical listening skills.
  7. Work effectively with others.
  8. Respect cultural and linguistic diversity.