Major Core Courses

  • COMM 101C Theorizing Communication
  • COMM 198 Applied Activity in Communication
  • COMM 199C Synthesis a Application

Foundations, Inquiry, Practice Courses

Each Foundations (F), Inquiry (I), and Practice (P) course is four units. The additional unit, also called the engagement unit, is designed to enrich your learning experiences and to facilitate your achievement of course learning objectives. The activities you'll complete for the engagement unit will deepen your understanding of course materials as you engage in meaningful ways with the concepts you're learning in the course. Students enrolled in 4-unit courses are expected to spend on average of 45 hours (or 3 hours per week over the course of a regular semester) outside of the classroom to complete engagement activities. This unit is worth 25% of the overall grade.





COMM 110F Interpersonal Comm COMM 119I Researching Games COMM 105P Comm, Self, and Society
COMM 117F Understanding Play and Games COMM 123I Performance of Ethnodrama COMM 111P Interviewing
COMM 122F Performance Studies COMM 145I Rhetorical and Cultural Criticism COMM 112P Communicating at Work
COMM 126F Race and Performance COMM 150I Inquiry in Organizational Communication COMM 113P Games in Everyday Life
COMM 130F Activism, Action, and Resistance COMM 151I New Media / New Methods COMM 114P Business and Professional Speaking
COMM 132F Dis/Ability Comm COMM 152I Comm in World Cultures COMM 115P Comm and Conflict
COMM 133F Ethical Problems in Communication COMM 153I Discourse Analysis COMM 116P Mediation Theory & Practice
COMM 144F Organizational Communication COMM 154I Ethnography for Comm Studies COMM 120P Persuasive and Presentation Skills
COMM 146F Communication and the Environment
COMM 155I Quantitative Communication Inquiry COMM 121P Performance as Practice
COMM 149F Rhetoric and Public Life COMM 156I Observation and Interviewing Methods COMM 124P Training and Development
COMM 160F Language, Meaning, and Culture COMM 169I The Media: Response and Criticism COMM 125P Ensemble Performance
COMM 161F Communication and Culture COMM 186I Research Methods in Health Communication COMM 131P New Media You Media
COMM 164F Communication and Global Organizations   COMM 140P Argumentation and Debate
COMM 170F Persuasion   COMM 141P Small Group Communication
COMM 172F Multicultural Communication in the US   COMM 147P Argumentation and Persuasion in Courts of Law
COMM 173F Intercultural Communication and Global Understanding   COMM 165P Comm & Org Philanthropy
COMM 175F Nonverbal Communication   COMM 176P Gender and Communication
COMM 178F Critical Intercultural Communication   COMM 182P Communication in the Classroom
COMM 181F New Media / New World   COMM 187P Communication and Community Wellness
COMM 185F Health Communication    

Core GE Courses

Up to 8 units may count toward the major that are not used to fulfill Core GE requirements

  • COMM 10 - Communication and Human Relationships (D1)
  • COMM 20 - Public Speaking (A1)
  • COMM 20N - Public Speaking for Non-native Speakers (A1)
  • COMM 21 - Performing Culture and Society (D1)
  • COMM 40 - Argumentation and Advocacy (A1)
  • COMM 41 - Critical Decision Making (A3)
  • COMM 45 - Media and Culture (A3)
  • COMM 74/74Q - Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication (E)

SJSU Studies Courses

Up to 6 units may count toward the major

  • COMM 100W - Writing Workshop: Writing for Influence (Area Z)
  • COMM 157SL - Community Action/Community Service (Area S; in addition this course fulfills the COMM Applied Activity requirement)
  • COMM 168A/168B, Global Climate Change (Areas R, S, and V)
  • COMM 174 - Intercultural Communication and Structural Inequalities (Area S)
  • COMM 179 - Global Media and Resistance (Area V)

Independent and Supervised Activity Courses

Up to 4 units may count toward the major (only 1 unit of COMM 80 or COMM 91J may count toward the major)

  • COMM 80 - Communication Lab. 1 unit. Credit/No Credit course
  • COMM 91J - Judge Training. 1 unit. Credit/No Credit course
  • COMM 180 - Individual Studies. Can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 units. Credit/No Credit course
  • COMM 184 - Directed Reading. Can be taken for 1 or 2 units. Credit/No Credit course 
  • COMM 190 - Activity Projects in Speech. Can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 units. Credit/No Credit course
  • COMM 191A/B/C/J/M - Activity Projects in Forensics.   Can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 units. Credit/No Credit courses

Complete List of Communication Studies Courses

Please check the SJSU Studies catalog (linked above) for the most up-to-date Communication Studies course offerings.