COMM and ACCESS Center advising times and locations are posted in Spartan Connect. You may learn more about scheduling an appointment in Spartan Connect from our student appointment guide.

COMM Undergraduate Advising

  • Drop-in advising. Please select "View Drop-in Times" when searching for drop-in dates and zoom links for both COMM and the ACCESS Center.
    Advising by appointment. To view appointments, select Communication Studies or ACCESS Success Center, and the advising topic you would like to discuss.

Unable to access Spartan Connect? Please email your name and ID number to the COMM Department for help scheduling your next COMM major or minor advising appointment.

Fall Registration Dates

  • April 11th - fall enrollment appointments viewable on MySJSU
  • April 26th - fall advanced registration for continuing students begins (all students are capped at 17 units)
  • June 24th - enrollment cap increased to 19 units for Graduating Seniors who filed by 3/14/22
  • July 1st - enrollment cap increased to 19 units for Continuing Undergraduate Students in Good Standing
  • August 12 - Undergrads can petition to Repeat in a Course More than Two times (DocuSign) - Registering in class will start from the first day of class.
  • View the Registrar's Calendar page for additional dates.

COMM Advising Table of Contents

Learn About the COMM Major
Change Your Major to COMM
COMM for Transfer Students
Track Your Progress in COMM
Get GE Advising from ACCESS 
Complete Your COMM Applied Activity
Apply for (or Change) Your Graduation
Meet Your COMM Advisors

Learn about the COMM Major & Minors

  1. Review our B.A. in Comm Studies and our Minor in Comm Studies which summarizes our program requirements.
  2. Read COMM course descriptions and review the COMM major and minor requirements by catalog year in the SJSU online academic catalog.
  3. Scroll through this COMM Advising page for important information on completing your degree.

Change Your Major to COMM

To change your major to Communication Studies, follow these steps:

  1. First, maintain an overall/SJSU GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  2. Next, complete 6 units of COMM classes with a 2.0 GPA or higher. 
  3. If you are a lower-division student, i.e. you have fewer than 60 UE (units earned), then complete 6 units of lower-division COMM courses, which are numbered 1-99 (e.g. COMM 10, COMM 20, COMM 74, etc.). Be sure to earn a 2.0 or higher in each of these classes.
  4. If you are an upper-division student, i.e. you have 60 or more UE (units earned), then complete 6 units of upper-division COMM courses, which are numbered 100-199 (e.g. COMM 100W, COMM 174, COMM 157SL, etc.). Be sure to earn a 2.0 or higher in each of these classes.
  5. Not sure how many UE you have? Log into MySJSU and view your unofficial transcript for this information.
  6. Finally, after you have completed all of the steps above, meet with one of the COMM Advisors during their advising hours. They will verify that you've met all of these requirements and then complete your change of major to COMM.

COMM for Transfer Students

Transfer students can learn about the COMM major and what to enroll in for their first semester by reviewing our COMM Transfer Day Orientation slides.

Please visit our Student Experience for Transfers (SET) for more information about your transfer orientation. You may learn more about how to enroll in these courses from the tutorial on How to Enroll [pdf] and from the Registration Basics page.

Track Your Progress in COMM

All COMM majors and minors should use the following tools to regularly track their progress. 

Available online 24/7, these are the same tools that our COMM Advisors use during their advising sessions with you.


MyProgress is a powerful online advising tool that allows you to check your progress towards all of your degree requirements, including GE, SJSU Studies, GPA, major, minor, and much more. 

MyProgress is the go-to source for all information about where you stand right now.

For detailed information on how to use MyProgress, visit this MyProgress for students webpage. 


MyPlanner is an interactive online tool that undergraduate students can use to map their entire academic path to graduation. 

Requirements for your major, minor (if applicable), and general education are displayed in a recommended sequence using information from your student record. 

MyPlanner recognizes the courses you've already taken at SJSU, test credit, transfer credit, course substitutions, and prerequisites to recommend an education plan designed just for you.

For detailed information on how to use this resource, visit the MyPlanner webpage.

MyPlanner has some limitations; for example, it does not consider that some courses can be substituted or double-counted, so be sure to validate your tracking work on MyPlanner with an advisor. 


MyRoadMap is a helpful tool for planning out what classes to take when. It shows you a generalized 2-year (for transfer students) or 4-year (for frosh) plan towards your degree, with all the required courses for your major as well as their sequence.

To get started with this resource, view this MyRoadMap tutorial. Then, starting from the MyRoadMaps Catalog page, look up the current RoadMap for your major.

Get GE Advising from ACCESS

In addition to your COMM major or minor, you also have GE, SJSU Studies, and other university requirements to meet. As a COMM major, you can get advising on these areas at ACCESS (Academic Counseling Center for Excellence in the Social Sciences).

Consult the SJSU Advising Hub for even more advising support and resources.

Complete Your COMM Applied Activity

All COMM majors must complete the 2-unit COMM 198 Applied Activity requirement. This requirement is completed over two semesters (1-unit per semester). Each Applied Activity is coordinated by a different department program and faculty member, and each one has its own application process. Carefully review your COMM 198 - Applied Activity options and apply for the activity of your choice.

Apply for (or Change) Your Graduation 

Apply for Graduation 

All COMM majors can apply for graduation online - it's quick and easy to do.

  1. Review the SJSU Registrar's Undergraduate Graduation page.
  2. Visit our COMM Graduating Seniors page to learn how you may apply for graduation online via MySJSU.
  3. If you have questions or need help, visit Spartan Connect to locate drop-in times or to schedule your appointment with a COMM advisor.

Change your Graduation Date

Need to change your graduation date? No problem - it's quick and easy!

Note that the Registrar's Office collects a $10 fee (payable online) to process graduation date change requests.

Follow these steps to change your graduation date.

  1. Please complete the CoSS Grad Date Change Form.
  2. Type in your name and email address.
  3. Type in the name and email address of your major advisor and Graduation Evaluator.
  4. Click the Begin Signing button at the bottom of the form.
  5. Once you have completed and signed the form, it will be routed to the other signees for review and processing.

For more details, look over the SJSU Registrar's Office webpage on graduation date change instructions

Meet Your COMM Advisors

Advisor Name




Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Jennifer Morrison, Director

Disqualification, Reinstatement, Returning Students, Major Probation, Course Equivalencies, International Students

Mary Anne Sunseri

Professor Mary Anne Sunseri

COMM Major or Minor Advising

Karen Williams

Professor Karen Williams

COMM Major or Minor Advising

Kristen Cole

Dr. Kristen Cole

COMM Major or Minor Advising

Will return July 1, 2022

Marie Haverfield

Dr. Marie Haverfield

COMM Major or Minor Advising

Will return August 1, 2022

COMM advisors serve SJSU COMM majors and minors, and can help you...

  • review your progress towards graduation
  • identify COMM courses consistent with your interests
  • decide what COMM classes to take when
  • stay on track for completing your COMM major or minor
  • navigate issues in completing the COMM major or minor

Please include your name, student ID, and advising topic when emailing an advisor. You may also visit Spartan Connect to locate drop-in times or to schedule your appointment with an advisor.