Internship Opportunities

Below a are few places where you may begin looking for internship opportunties. You can also find potential internships posted on our department's social media sites and on the SJS4 website under Opportunities.

SJSU Handshake

Log into SJSU Handshake to register for career education programs and employer connection events, search for jobs and internships, set career coaching appointments, and share career survey responses. Not all organization listed in the SJSU Handshake are registered on the SJS4 database.

You may also consider visiting our SJSU Career Center for help in obtaining an internship. The SJSU Career Center aims to inspire, empower, and connect SJSU students, educators, and employers to build the workforce of the future. The Career Center offers career coaching, resume workshops, career fairs, and a plethora of virtual career-building resources.

COMM Department Internships

We occasionally have internship/project opportunities available through our department programs or with particular faculty members in our department. These internships/projects may be advertised to you below, via email, our social media sites, or directly from a faculty member in our department. Please complete our Application Request Form once you have secured a department internship/project to start your enrollment into your internship units.

  • Dr. Kathleen McConnell, professor of rhetoric and communication studies, is seeking two research assistants for paid internships. The specific project aims to catalog career technical and vocational education programs (on a national level) related to public infrastructure or civic life broadly defined, including drinking water systems, fire management, public health, and supply chains. The larger project explores the prospect of re-orienting vocational education toward repair of civic infrastructure and a sense of common purpose. The project is a chance to apply rhetorical analysis to educational policy and help draft new approaches to traditional degree programs. Selected candidates will gain networking and professional correspondence experience. Completed coursework in COMM 145I: Rhetoric and Cultural Criticism and/or COMM 149: Rhetoric and Public Life is helpful but not required.

    All work can be done remotely. Candidates will need to commit to a minimum of eight hours per week for seven weeks (a total of 60 hours). We will start in the middle of February and conclude in April. Interested candidates should send the following materials to: by February 7th.
    1) Your updated resume;
    2) In a 1-page, single spaced personal statement, please outline your interest in this opportunity and give an example of your organizational skills. The example does not need to have occured at a formal job but should illustrate your exceptional ability to track on details and maintain order.

Bay Area Internships for College Students

Here are websites that list internship opportunities in the Bay Area.