Minor in Community Service Learning

The Community Service Learning (CSL) Minor requires a total of 18 units.

Of these 18 units,

  • at least 12 units must be completely separate from major coursework;
  • at least 6 units must be upper-division;
  • at least 6 units must be completed in residence at SJSU;
  • the minimum aggregate GPA must be at least 2.0.

CSL Core Courses (9 units)

  • COMM 157SL Community Action/Community Service (3 units)
  • SOCI 57 Community Involvement and Personal Growth (3 units)
  • SOCI 80 Social Problems (3 units)

CSL Upper Division Requirements (9 units)

  • Nine integrated units approved by a COMM advisor and by the AVP of Undergraduate Studies or designee.
  • Of these nine units, six must be in courses approved as CSL courses under university policy.