Internship Courses

Internship Courses

Undergraduate students may earn upper-division COMM credit (COMM 190 and/or COMM 198) and graduate students may earn M.A. level credit (COMM 291). All sections are taught online in an asynchronous format. There are no virtual or in-person class meetings for our courses.


  • Communication Studies major or minor (undergraduate students) OR enrollment in the COMM MA program (graduate students)
  • COMM courses (past and/or concurrent) appropriate to the internship

Which course should I enroll in?

Please meet with your undergraduate or graduate advisor to discuss how your internship units may apply to your major and degree requirements. For example, do you need to complete your undergraduate Applied Activity major requirement? If so, undergraduates should enroll in COMM 198 before COMM 190. Please review our application process to begin your enrollment in our program and internship courses.

How many units should I enroll in?

Each 1 unit of COMM credit (COMM 198, COMM 190, COMM 291) equals 50 hours of internship work.
1 unit = 50 hours
2 units = 100 hours
3 units = 150 hours
4 units = 200 hours
5 units = 250 hours
6 units = 300 hours
7 units = 350 hours
8 units = 400 hours
Undergraduate students can enroll in 1-2 units of COMM 198, and/or 1-6 units of COMM 190. In other words, undergraduates can do up to 8 units of internship work in a semester. Graduate students can enroll in 1-4 units of COMM 291 in a semester.

Internship Coursework

You will be required to complete regular assignments for your internship units. The COMM internship assignments include

  • a daily logbook documenting your hours and connecting your internship work to your Comm Studies degree.
  • a final report of your internship experience
  • and a LinkedIn profile update.

All of these assignments will be completed electronically and submitted via Canvas. All coursework is due by the last day of instruction for the semester you are enrolled in your units.