A professor is helping two students with their electrical engineering project.

Whatever You Need, We’re Here to Help

The Electrical Engineering Department is committed to providing students with all the support they may need during their time in the program. While the other sections deal primarily with classes and the path toward graduation, this area deals with the many other resources that will help you be successful.


New Students

Learn about the myriad of resources we offer undergraduate and graduate students to help make their transition into our programs completely seamless.

Faculty Office Hours

Need to meet with a professor? Find out how to get in touch with them and when you can find the help you're looking for.

Class Schedules

Get more information about EE class schedules.

Guides and Tutorials

Get access to tutorials that help you do all sorts of tasks, from finding transcripts to login into our Linux Machines. Find detailed instructions on this page.

Laboratory Safety

Safety is a foremost concern of all EE labs.  We strongly recommend all students, faculty and staff to explore this webpage for information about our lab safety and operation policies.


Students in the Electrical Engineering Department have access to 18 different labs to test and experiment with the principles taught in class. Learn more about our labs and the equipment found in each of them by exploring this section.

Technical Support

Our EE Department Staff is ready to help answer your questions. Find out how you can contact them and what kind of help they can provide you with.

Jobs, Internships and Scholarships

Learn about the job and internship opportunities the Electrical Engineering department provides to help students succeed during and after school. 

Quick Links

There are several external websites that you may need to reference while studying with us. Get easy access to them through this page.

Student Clubs

Learn about the clubs housed within the Electrical Engineering department. These organizations can help you make valuable connections in our program.

Tutoring Services

Are you looking for a tutor? Discover some of SJSU's academic resources that can help you with just about any subject.