Orientation and Advising

All incoming undergraduate students should attend Orientation before their first semester at San José State. You will learn the ins and outs of how the electrical engineering department works and start to plan your path through our programs. Our major advisors will help you enroll in your first classes at our department so we can get started right.

Ensure to attend Orientation as this event is critical to your success in this program. Students who fail to do so often have a more challenging time finishing the curriculum on time. Keep an eye on your email for further details on Orientation this upcoming semester.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Advanced Placement scores can be used to waive some of the courses and prerequisites students would typically enroll in during their freshman year in the EE program. Speak with an advisor for more information on how your AP classes can help you get ahead in your studies.

Transferring Credits from Other Schools

Using credits from other colleges and universities can help you get a head start on completing the EE curriculum. However, the classes that you can transfer for credit vary depending on the course material and university. To evaluate your specific situation, please get in touch with an advisor and discuss your options.

Intent to Enroll

We’re ready to help you take the following steps once you’re prepared to choose SJSU’s Electrical Engineering program. If you intend on enrolling in our program, the Division of Student Affairs has all the information needed to help make you an official Spartan.

Click on the appropriate link for you and follow the steps to admission. We hope to see you in class soon!

Visit the freshman intent to enroll website.

Visit the transfer intent to enroll website.

Class Registration

Enrolling in your first classes can seem confusing, but we’re ready to guide you through the registration process. The Division of Student Affairs has resources to help you choose the path that will get you to graduation the fastest.

Visit the freshman class registration website.

Visit the transfer class registration website.

Student Clubs

We strongly recommend joining a student club while studying at San José State University to help you integrate into our diverse community. There are clubs of all kinds, from Sororities, Athletic clubs, Academic organizations, and much more. 

Visit the Division of Student Affairs website to find more information.