Department Faculty By Last Name


Professor Mohamed Badawy

Mohamed Badawy

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Akron

Office: ENG 361

Phone: 408-924-3924

Professor Chang Choo

Chang Choo


Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Office: ENG 253

Phone: 408-924-3980

Professor Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh

Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh


Ph.D., University of Toronto

Office: ENG 381

Phone: 408-924-4041

Professor Lili He

Lili He

Professor and Graduate Advisor

Ph.D., State University of New York

Office: ENG 357

Phone: 408-924-4073

Professor Ping Hsu

Ping Hsu


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Office: ENG 375

Phone: 408-924-3902

Profesor Shrikant Jadhav

Shrikant Jadhav

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., North Carolina A&T State University

Office: ENG 367

Phone: 408-924-7279

Professor Thuy T. Le

Thuy T. Le

Professor and Chair

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Office: ENG 349

Phone: 408-924-5708

Professor Essam Marouf

Essam Marouf


Ph.D., Stanford University

Office: ENG 353

Phone: 408-924-3969

Nader F. Mir

Nader F Mir


Ph.D., Washington University

Office: ENG 251

Phone: 408-924-3986

Professor Robert H. Morelos-Zaragoza

Robert H. Morelos-Zaragoza

Professor & Undergraduate Advisor

Ph.D., University of Hawaii

Office: ENG 373

Phone: 408-924-3879

Professor David W. Parent

David W. Parent

Professor and Undergraduate Major Advisor

Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Office: ENG 355

Phone: 408-924-3963

Professor Jalel Rejeb

Jalel Rejeb

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Syracuse University

Office: ENG 377

Phone: 408-924-4007

Professor Birsen Sirkeci

Birsen Sirkeci

Professor & Graduate Coordinator

Ph.D., Cornell University

Office: ENG 359

Phone: 408-924-3913

Professor Hiu-Yung Wong

Hiu-Yung Wong

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Office: ENG 363

Phone: 408-924-3910

Professor Belle Wei

Belle Wei


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Office: ENG 365

Phone: 408-924-3914

Professor Juzi Zhao

Juzi Zhao

Associate Professor

Ph.D., George Washington University

Office: ENG 371

Phone: 408-924-3993