Microprocessors Laboratory

This lab provides equipment and tools for students to explore the microprocessor architecture by writing, debugging, and running simple programs in Assembly and C languages. The programs provide students with hands-on experience in addressing mode, instruction set, memory and array manipulation, interrupts, and simple input/output operations. The lab also includes equipment for students to practice using digital logic analyzer for digital circuit design and testing and designing and implementing simple microprocessor-based system control and interface.

Laboratory Sponsor: Texas Instruments


Room: ENGR 307

Faculty Lab Directors
Thuy T. Le

EE 120 - Microprocessor-Based System Design


Available Equipment

Equipment     Model Quantity
Function Generator     Tektronix CFG250, CFG253 15
Oscilloscope     Tektronix 2225, Rigol DS1104, Agilent DSO-X2022A, DSO3102A 15
DC Power Supply     Agilent E3630A, HP E3630A 3
Experimental Board     TI-Robotics-System-Learning-Kit 20
Desktop Computer     Dell Optiplex 9020 20